Hello! Welcome to lil’ thoughts with jen!

I am a self-proclaimed foodie, fashionista and lipstick and mascara addict living in NYC. I am currently a Senior at New York University who is still trying to learn how to balance studying Economics, Political Science and Chinese while maintaining my sanity. I lived most of my life in a super small town in Central New York and decided that for college I wanted to expand my horizons and explore what was out there. I studied abroad my entire freshmen year of college in Florence, Italy, which was a dream come true to travel and not to mention all the food. And as of right now, I am trying to cross more things off of my bucket list and to fulfill all of my other dreams, starting at spending more time in the city that never sleeps, NYC.

It took me a long time to throw out all of my random excuses of why I can’t possibly start a blog out the window and to just begin. I have always loved to write and would be the first to admit that I have an almost unhealthy relationship with my obsession and love towards taking and looking at photographs, so what better way to combine the two than to create my very own blog? And, for a long time I had wanted to create a little space for myself to share all of my “lil’ thoughts” and experiences while hopefully being able to meet more people, so here I am!

I really look forward to see where this new endeavor takes me, the people who I will get to meet and to simply watch myself grow. There is no doubt in my mind I will not run out of adventures to share about, foods to drool over and random miscellaneous lifestyle articles to write about so stay tuned for more of my random lil’ thoughts to come your way!!